10,000 Advertisements a Day

10,000 Advertisements a Day

According to Forbes we see 5,000 – 10,000 advertisements a day. Some think that only a couple of decades ago the number was about 2000. We can thank our digital environment I guess for that surge in the exposure – though it does still seem remarkably large. Whether 1,000 a day, or 10,000 a day, you might think we would all be well informed about how advertising works. But no, it’s not quite as simple as that and we are discovering we are in primary school as we explore what works and what does not work for our messaging. We have experimented with some still image advertising and also with two variations of a video based advertisement. The latter was paused at 9000 views. What have we discovered in our fledgling journey so far?

  • Video gets more attention than still images. No surprises there.
  • Everything said about attention spans is true. Thanks to the rather excellent detailed data we receive on our Facebook advertising we could see that the first version of the ad caught people for an average of 4 seconds. Ouch. (It ran for 26).
  • Making a 30 second advertisement is ‘easy’. But it’s too long. Good for TV perhaps but not social media.
  • Making a 15 second advertisement is strangely satisfying. It’s a creative challenge but worth the effort.
  • We liked the 15 second advertisement. Thought it was cute. Attention spans were expanded by another 2 seconds. Back to the drawing board.
  • We woke up to the fact that as creators we thought it was product specific but to someone unfamiliar with us it was not product specific at all. Pull the ad.
  • For reasons we can’t quite yet determine more females than males responded to the advertisement – possibly because the main actors were two cute toddlers.

So we need to get product specific, make sure we address pain points (we might have been too focused on that in our first attempt) and do some more analysis about where we target the advertising. We have lots of creative ideas afoot. There will be plenty more lessons emerging as we strive to somehow make ours one of those among the 10,000 that catch your attention!

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