How do You Say That?

How do You Say That?

Latin is dead. Long live Latin! It’s not quite as dead as you think. If you have an alibi for being elsewhere, even on an ad hoc basis and have a bona fide reason for using it then use it, even if only on an impromptu basis. There we go, a few common Latin words jammed into a nonsense sentence. We’ve offered it up pro bono. Oops, there’s another one.

What we don’t know is how Latin actually sounded. So it’s anybody’s guess as to how Tegere might have sounded on the Appian way when boots and cloak sellers plied their wares to travellers commuting to and from ancient Rome.

While we like the idea that a hard ‘g’ in Tegere would give us a play on the word ‘gear’ we have opted for the more subtle soft ‘g’ and something that sounds like the French ‘j’ as you might find it in 'joie de vivre'. Joie de vivre indeed! A joy of being immersed outdoors which gives us the joy of building Tegere. Or, as an old Roman might quip, ‘the quid pro quo of building Tegere is being outdoors. Or vice versa!”

Here endeth the lesson. Which is not Latin - Herendeththelarrson was a Viking school teacher!

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