Is it Weird to Sleep in your Socks?

socks in bed

We are no strangers to the big important questions here at Tegere. Divisive social issues are our bread and butter, but surprisingly enough within a conversation between directors we stumbled across a topic that we just couldn't agree on….

The issue at hand being, is it normal to wear socks in bed? 

The conversation arose when we were chatting about our line of high quality merino all purpose, do everything Active Socks.

The question was naturally prompted  - if they are really so good at being all purpose, can you sleep in them? 

A heated discussion followed about the social norms around wearing socks to bed. Some thought it a natural thing to do, others couldn't stand the idea, and never the two shall meet! It's truly one of the big questions of life, especially given we are  people who sell very good socks (available now online). 

Given the division I took it as a personal mission to get to the bottom of this social division which had arisen from our global sampling of four.

Who are the majority?

“I ran the numbers, did some research and this is what I found.”

Turns out we are not the first to wrestle with the issue, or to research it. A customised poll by Go Branded found that about 44 percent of U.S. consumers hate going to bed with socks on, 28 percent love it, and the remaining 29 percent have mixed feelings. Unfortunately these results equal 101% so i'm not sure how reliable they are. But the numbers suggest that it's actually not so weird to wear your socks to bed! (But stand by, we are going to run our own numbers just to check).

The Pros of wearing socks to bed

Interestingly enough there are actually some medical ADVANTAGES to wearing socks to bed. These include the possibility to assist the body's internal temperature regulation, leading to a more comfortable regular sleep.

A study from 2007 reported that adults who wore either normal or heated socks in bed got to sleep faster. That's because warming up the feet and hands triggers a response in your blood vessels that assists your body in falling asleep 

In addition the habit can help prevent certain foot issues and keep your feet happy. I’m not sure about the claim to increase orgasms by 30% though! But happy feet is a good start. 


We at Tegere have taken pride in selecting gear that can be worn around the town just as much as in the bush and now the bed!

Now that we have established that it’s not weird to wear your socks to bed and in fact doing so can be advantageous to your sleep and your feet, why not pick up an extra pair of super comfy multipurpose socks that you can sleep in as easy as you can hike in? Your feet will thank you - even if your partner does not.

Michael Reidy

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