Tegere Bricks and Mortar!

Tegere Bricks and Mortar!

Happy New year to you all, trekkers, climbers, gardeners, day walkers, runners and arm chair enthusiasts alike. And any other fans of the outdoors not captured there! We are very grateful for all your support over the last two years that we have been experimenting with Tegere, refining the offering and trying to work out the best deals for you.

Throughout 2021 there was a growing realisation that we really needed to commit to bricks and mortar and to that end the last six months or more have been spent researching what might be possible.

So our big news as we roll into 2022 is that we are planning on opening a store in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have a vision for a store for enthusiasts which is inclusive (you don’t need to be an outdoors expert to be welcome) and which will be community centric. We will be maintaining our focus on quality Australian and New Zealand gear and are looking forward to introducing some innovative Australian products to you. For those outside Melbourne we are looking forward to being able to offer an expanded product offering online, something we will be able to do once a store is established. 

If you have any ideas about what you think we could do with a store that you don’t find anywhere else we would love to hear from you. Actually, we would love to hear from you about anything at all.

Watch this space.

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