The Person on the Mountain Didn't Fall There

The Person on the Mountain Didn't Fall There

Nope. In fact it's probably Kevin and he got there like the rest of us - the hard way. I had the good fortunate to have a crack at Ama Dablam in Nepal with Kevin a few years back. Kevin sports a very English accent but he calls Perth home. He’s a firefighter by day but in heart is a trekker and climber, mountain guide, and sailor. And while he might have summited Everest a few times, and had a shot at circumnavigating the globe in the Golden Globe Race he’s a chap you’ll find extremely accessible. So if you are looking for someone to help lead you into the mountains (technical or otherwise) or on the water its worth touching base with him.

Kevin has very kindly agreed to showcase the Tegere product offerings so over the next month or so we are looking forward to following his adventures in Nepal in which our Wilderness Wear products will be showcased. On Everest. On Lhotse and others as weather and opportunity permit. Plans to be up there and guiding on Everest in 2020 were put ‘on ice’ by COVID – we barely got out of of Nepal in February before it was closed for the same reasons. So Kevin is looking forward to being back up there.

We will post images as they come through but you should feel free to contact him directly if you are looking for guiding help. You can find him on Facebook here

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