About Tegere

Tegere? It's a Latin verb. It means 'to cover'. But can be used to mean to cover, to protect or to clothe. You now know some Latin in addition to the phrase Romani ite domum. 

We are passionate about excellent, high quality, perfectly functioning outdoor gear. And we want to share that passion with you. Tegere has sourced for you the best high quality outdoor gear. It’s gear we use every single day. Gear we stand in, and gear we stand behind. Gear we have trekked and climbed in. Gear we wear to work every day. Gear that never sinks to the bottom of the drawer or vanishes to the back of the cupboard. That’s how much we like it.


Who We Are



Kavitha is a self described tomboy who grew up in Nova Scotia (Canada) where she revelled in the vast outdoors of that country. She has a special love of wintery conditions and is keen to walk when it’s snowing. But she feels the cold and has spent all her life researching and testing gear for quality, warmth and function. She recently put all this to the test with an ascent of the highest peak in the Americas and one of the seven summits (Aconcagua in Argentina) where her gear combination kept her toasty warm, even when a high altitude storm reduced the temperature to -35C. She resides in Sydney, Australia.


Hamish is a country boy at heart, being raised in the bush country on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. Hamish has a deep passion for the technical aspects of outdoor gear and has developed a comprehensive understanding of how gear is made, how it performs and why it performs the way it does. It’s not enough to know that a particular material is superior – Hamish wants to know why. Having spent time in the Australian Army Hamish has an especially good understanding of how high quality gear can handle harsh conditions and rough use.



Bruce was born and raised in New Zealand and has been trekking pretty much most of his life, and most recently has gotten serious about alpine climbing. He has trekked and climbed in Africa, South America, Asia and New Zealand and takes a special pleasure in introducing new people to the wonder and pleasure that comes with long distance trekking. He lives in Sydney. 



Michael has been walking and 'adventuring' with us since he was in high school and has joined us to help with our marketing. He is passionate about the outdoors and traveling, whether it is trekking, climbing, snowboarding or just taking the bike out for a ride around his local track. After finishing his business/economics degree he has spent the last 4 years working in Australia, Japan, US, and Canada as a Snowsports instructor. He’s had a lot of adventures along the way and has pretty much lived in his outdoor gear for that period of time.  Michael manages to spend far too much time on his phone following all the big outdoor athletes such as Alex Honnold, Cody Townsend and Travis Rice but it does give him a good feel for what an outdoor audience is interested in.