Town and Country

Do you love the outdoors, think designer fashion is overrated, but still want to look good when out and about? 

At Tegere we choose high quality products that work and feel good out in the country but also look great in town! This includes our new range of Jackets, Midlayers, Pants, Shirts and accessories. 

With the developments in styles and materials (read A Material Difference) you can now wear your traditional country wear everyday. No more being caught out by rain and arriving at your destination soaked, and no more flimsy umbrellas!

Water resistance isn't the only benefit of this new hybrid wear. Due to its origins in performing in tough conditions, materials are often windproof, more breathable, warmer and less bulky than your traditional town grab.

3 layer waterproof fabric has now become more mainstream as a patent on the fabric that Goretex once had was lifted some years ago. Now many companies are developing their own take on the fabric with great results and in a variety of different styles. See the Cactus Mountain Jacket in our store for an example. 

Puffer Jackets 

Eddie Bauer was inspired to invent the first puffer jacket in 1936 when on a fishing trip. He found out the hard way that a wool sweater doesn’t perform well in the cold when wet. 

The idea of a puffer jacket in fashion launched in 1973 by Norma Kamali when she went on a camping trip and went to take a midnight pee run and took her sleeping bag with her. This inspired the imaginatively named “Sleeping Bag Coat”, which still sells today. The style has since been revamped and I'm sure you’ve seen these around town. 

Designer brands such as Balenciaga and Prada are now selling puffer jackets for over $5000 though we are not sure how warm they are. Other brands are following the utilitarian theme and borrowing design styles from outerwear companies to make them functional and comfortable to wear. 

Don’t forget! Puffers are a great piece of gear to have on a trip as either an outer layer or midlayer 


Fleeces have made a comeback in the past few years and have become a staple of the “Midtown Uniform” for highflying tech and finance firms. So much so that some distributors in the US have stopped accepting branded contracts with new firms. (see Patagonia Cracks Down on Logo Vests for Wall Streeters)

Fleeces do have their history in outdoor performance and it’s one that’s sticking around. For example the North Face's ’95 Retro Denali jacket is still selling very well today! We couldn’t find the original price for the jacket in ‘95 but with a rrp of up to 300 AUD we suspect it’s appreciated over time.

Base Layers

Finally, base layers have had a revolution since the mid nineties where non-synthetic materials were being applied to undergarments. Now base layers are more breathable and comfortable than ever. (some of them are still itchy though!). 

More and more people are discovering how they can use the lighter layers as functional, high-performing t-shirts on walks, rides or even at the gym. And of course for those days where it’s extra chilly outside, a quality base layer is great for regulating your temperature while you're out and about on your daily routine. 


Say goodbye to cheap looking and ethically questionable “fast fashion”. Our gear is built to last and will look and work great for a lifetime. In fact, keeping clothing in use just nine extra months can reduce related carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 30%, according to research by the U.K.'s Waste & Resources Action Programme

Last but not least, outdoor gear looks great. Being adventurous and active has always been a good look. Since the aim of outdoor branded gears was to always feel good, our gear features clean and functional shapes and is easy to move around in. This allows us to look and feel comfortable in our outfits, and what doesn't look better than confidence!

Now extra good looking, functional gear is the best investment you can make in your wardrobe and yourself!